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About Buzz...

Buzz Wood is an experienced education strategist with a passion for technology, who has been working with teachers for over 25 years, helping them integrate digital tools into their teaching and learning practices in simple, yet meaningful ways.  


Buzz embraces visual and experiential learning experiences which transform the classroom, have a powerful impact on instruction, and engage the digital learner intrinsically.


Surrounded by teachers in his personal life - His mother and sisters are all teachers and his wife and most of her family are educators as well.  Education is his DNA and it's what he loves most.  


He's worked and consulted for many innovative educational companies such as Apple, Leapfrog SchoolHouse, Pearson Digital Learning, Steelcase and many more!


He continually captures an audience with inspirational thoughts and ideas for new, innovative, and effective ways to reach the digital learner and reminds us why we are in education.

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